Multi Operator Live Chat Script

Multi Operator Live Chat Script Multi operator real time chat tool helps online customers to solve their queries multiuser live chat utility blocks unauthorized user to enter into chat session. * Multi operator live chat script software supports all windows operating system including Vista. * Online multiuser chat software stores all offline chat records when operator is not present. * Multi operator chat application can improve small and large business productivity by increasing online products sale. * Multiuser web chat utility can track every website visitor

MSD Tasks Multiuser 6.00: MSD Tasks Multiuser, complete visual task manager for networks
MSD Tasks Multiuser 6.00

Multiuser is a visual task manager for networks that allows organizing visually the tasks of several people at the same time. The secretary will be able to organize her boss agenda, a professional will be able to manage his clients visits, or a staff member will be able to control the activities of his personnel. The program allows accessing MSD Tasks information in a local network. MSD Tasks Multiuser is a visual task manager for networks which

visual task manager, network task manager, tasks, task manager, calendar

MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.0: MSD Organizer Multiuser, complete PIM for networks
MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.0

MSD Organizer Multiuser is a complete, powerful and easy to use personal and professional information manager for networks, with calendar, alarms, tasks, contacts, personal diary, property, budget, health and music. It also provides the following tools: backup and restore, network messenger, word processor, image viewer, calculator and financial calculator.

contacts, tasks, phonebook, health, budget, calendar, alarms, organizer, music, network pim, personal information manager, agenda, property

MSD Documents Multiuser 2.20: MSD Documents Multiuser, documents and correspondence manager for networks
MSD Documents Multiuser 2.20

MSD Documents Multiuser is a cataloguer for networks with two main modules: a documents manager that allows to catalogue any kind of documentation and a correspondence manager, that allows to catalogue the correspondence of professionals, companies and government institutions. Both modules may print an unlimited number of reports. It provides an advanced data manager that allows to sort, group and filter the information by any field.

document manager, documents, databases, correspondence, cataloguer

MSD Collections Multiuser 2.20: MSD Collections Multiuser cataloger of Books, Magazines, Movies, Music, Software
MSD Collections Multiuser 2.20

MSD Collections Multiuser is a complete networked cataloger of Books, Magazines, Movies, Music and Software. It also provides a complete loan manager. All these modules allow to catalog the information by many different fields and print an unlimited number of reports. It provides an advanced data manager that allows to sort, group and filter the information by any combination of fields.

cataloger, information manager, books, loans, database, software, music, movies, magazines

MSD Strongbox Multiuser 1.10: MSD Strongbox protects your confidential network files with strong encryption
MSD Strongbox Multiuser 1.10

Multiuser is also available, allowing several users to share the information in a local area network with user access control. If you install the software on your home or office computer, you may protect your private files so that anyone can access them if they do not know the password with which they were stored in the program database. If you install the program on a Pen Drive or on a removable disk, you may take your private files anywhere safely

private files, file encryptor, confidential files, security, file encryption

Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components 2.3: .NET connected dataset for data-aware components, is intented for Oracle DB.
Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components 2.3

Snotra Tech Oracle Data Components for .NET provides connected dataset for data-aware components like DataGrid, DataGridView and etc. which is intented for Oracle database. Components extend standard functions and features of ADO.NET set of components and support record locking, refreshing, server generated values, partial data selection. Components are especially worth to use for applications that work under multiuser concurrent environment.

oracle dataset, database components, dataset dataadapter, dataset update, dotnet components, oracle datatable, vb datatable, odp net, dotnet dataset, c datatable, connected datatable, datagrid dataset, datatable net

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